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4 thoughts on “Contact / Social Media

  1. Having just heard of your blog, I have not had a chance to do more than scan thru the articles. I like most of what I read.

    I am a relative newcomer to Beverly, also, having lived here only 25 years. Let me share a couple of experiences. I was a frequent shopper at Evergreen Plaza, even though I often put my life in my hands crossing from my home in North Beverly to the Plaza. As it became obvious that the Plaza was losing business at a rapid rate, I shared my dismay with fellow residents, many of whom thought it a shame. When asked whether they shopped there, most replied, “Oh no! I don’t shop there!”

    I now often walk to Carson’s, Sam’s Club, etc. One day I fully expect to be hit by a car as crossing Western. It is almost worse to cross at intersections than to take a chance jaywalking.

    I hope to read more of your ideas in the near future


  2. i would like to get involved some how in the revitalization of 95th street business area. I don’t want another box store or lame auto zone. Can you please email me with how I can help?


    • Hi Christina,

      Not sure the best way to email you through WordPress, but hopefully this reaches you.

      The auto part shop zoning issue will be on a future agenda of the City Council’s Zoning, Landmarks and Building Standards Committee, but I’m not sure which one. This will be a public meeting, and whatever recommendation the committee makes will be considered by the full City Council. I will do my best to keep people posted on when the meeting will occur.

      My advice would be to send an email with your thoughts to our alderman, Matt O’Shea, as well as the committee’s chairman, Daniel Solis. Their contact information can be found here: Then, encourage others to do the same. When the meeting is scheduled, you will have the opportunity to attend and speak to the issue, if you’d wish.

      As far as the future of 95th Street (and our neighborhood) goes, I am hoping to organize some more concrete efforts aimed at bringing about the change many of us would like to see. I will try to keep people informed of those through this blog, as well.

      Thanks again for reaching out, and don’t hesitate to contact me through the Main Street Beverly Facebook page if you need anything else.


  3. Just discovered this Blog through one of my running partners at Running Excels, which I’ve found one of the best places to meet people in the neighborhood. Your Blog offers Fresh, interesting insight! I’m a lifelong southwest resident , previously living in Marquette Park and Ashburn, but my family and I have only lived here for the past 18 years; thus, to many of the tribal networks we are newcomers. I like your image of a spoon trying to cut through concrete when trying to break into the social circles here. Luckily, I live on a block where many first generation Beverly/MP have moved. Much of what you are saying my wife and I have been saying for years as had my brother who once lived in the neighborhood and had a keen interest in mixed-used development. He moved to the North side. The development of 95th St. is a very good idea. I hope some of our local politicians are reading this.


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